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 Come Play

review by Bobby Blakey


I love a good horror flick and when they incorporate some kind of real life element it has the potential to really deliver. Sadly more often than not they miss the mark but you still got to check it out to find those hidden gems. The latest, Come Play stars Azhy Robertson, Gillian Jacobs, John Gallagher Jr., but does it bring that something special or will it be a friend not worth having?

Come Play follows Oliver, a lonely young boy who feels different from everyone else. Desperate for a friend, he seeks solace and refuge in his ever-present cell phone and tablet. When a mysterious creature uses Oliver’s devices against him to break into the world, Oliver’s parents must fight to save their son from the monster beyond the screen.


I didn’t know much about this one going in, but from the synopsis and poster I had a decent idea of its direction. I honestly didn’t have much hope for this one and while it did have some issues here and there I ended up enjoying it quite a bit. The story is simple and familiar, but the use of cell phones, ipads, etc made it feel like something new. I know they have done films with things like this before, but there is something about the way they use it here that just works.


Everyone is good in the film but it’s the creature aka Larry that steals it for me. They minimize how much of him we see through most of the film which adds to the creep factor. Now the film isn’t overly scary and sadly relies more on the jump scares which will no doubt work for some, but I tend to enjoy the depth into darker tone and clever twists. While generic on some levels I still had a good time with the way it was handled and the overall direction.


Some may not like the twist to the ending and overall story with Larry, but even though it is predictable I actually dug where they went. I will admit that it doesn’t fit the initial tone set with the rest of the film but I think that is why it worked for me. I won’t lie and say they could have a way stronger ending and impact, but it works well enough for me.


In addition to the film this release will feature bonus content that takes you behind bringing this new horror film to life. Grab your copy of Come Play available now on digital, Blu-ray and DVD from Universal Home Entertainment.  

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