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  Crazy Fist
  review by Bobby Blakey


Well Go USA brings all the best in Asian cinema to the US with some of the best martial arts flicks around. Their latest Crazy Fist stars Steve Yoo, Wang Wei, Collin Chou, Xiaoming Huang, Wei Zhao and retired professional bodybuilder Kai Greene. Could this film bring the action to match the title or will it fail to win the fight? 

Crazy Fist follows a prominent MMA champion that swore never to fight again after an opponent dies mid-match and retired to run his family’s international business. However, when his best friend dies under suspicious circumstances during another tournament, he has no choice but to step back in the ring to help uncover the truth.

Heading in I was excited as I am with any martial arts film especially when they offer up a beast of an opponent like Kai Greene. Sadly he is literally only in the film for the first few minutes and then never seen again. This could have been an epic opening fight too, but with some bad editing and underwhelming choreography it isn’t overly memorable. I hoped that maybe they just didn’t spend as much time here to let this just set the tone for more epic fights, but alas it never gets out of being average at best.

There are some decent fights here and there, but overall nothing that really stands out to elevate this film to where it could have been. The story is kind of a mash-up of other films of the like so never really offers up anything you haven’t seen before. This is where the fights become the most important to give it its own voice, but instead it just plays by the standard rules of action and nothing more.

This isn’t a bad movie, but instead one that is pretty generic. It is worth checking out if you dig the marital arts or action genres for a good time, just let it be what it is. Decide for yourself and check out Crazy Fist when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on September 14th from Well Go USA.

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