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Crocodile Island     review by Bobby Blakey

While they are most known for their martial arts flicks, Well Go USA offers up a wide variety of other genres including horror and monster worlds. Their latest, Crocodile Island stars Gallen Lo, Yinyue Liao and feature film newcomer Bingxiang Wang from directors Shixing Xu and Simon Zhao. Could this film offer up an island worth exploring or should it stay a mystery?

Crocodile Island follows a single father and daughter who are left to fight for their lives on a remote island filled with vicious, man-eating crocodiles after their plane makes an emergency landing near the Devil’s Sea—the enigmatic Bermuda Triangle of the Pacific.

I love monster flicks and anything with kaiju like creatures. I also know that more often than not these films are pretty cheesy when on the lower budget side. That being said they can still be fun like some of the films that used to come out of The Asylum like Sharknado. Heading into this one I hoped it would at least find some middle ground and while it has all the makings of a great creature feature the effects are so bad at times you laugh more than you are scared.

I hate bashing any project knowing the amount of work they put into it, but sometimes it is hard. This film is fine and felt just like films such as Megashark, Piranhaconda and Sharktopus which all have their goofy fun moments and obviously their audience. This one brings all that silly fun to the masses but almost felt like they didn’t even try to match up some of the effects with what is going or give the performers the right instruction. There are moments where it looks better and gave me some hope, but anytime the crocodile is on screen it is so off that it takes you out of it. This is a major flaw since the film hinges on this character specifically.

The effects look more like video game level and might have made the film work had they just done it as a computer animation all around. I didn’t hate the film as I do love these guilty pleasure level films, just couldn’t get as engaged into any of it as I had hoped. I have no doubt there will be those that love these types of films be all in for it and I am glad. It just wasn’t for me.

Decide for yourself and grab your copy of Crocodile Island when it hits digital and DVD on November 21st from Well Go USA.

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