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              David Cross:

Make America Great Again

                             review by Bobby Blakey

One of the hardest things to review is standup comedy specials, because no two people have the same sense of humor. Comedian David Cross is one of those that will no doubt divide even more with his unique brand of humor even more so with his latest special David Cross: Make America Great Again on Netflix.


In his latest special Cross takes on his first stand-up comedy special for Netflix, David Cross "Making America Great Again!.” Filmed at the 2016 Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin, Cross leaves no political stone unturned and takes on today’s hot-button issues, including gun control, immigration and of course, shares his thoughts on Donald Trump in front of a sold out audience at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas. Cross’ unafraid willingness to say what he thinks makes him one that offers up some great laughs, but also some topics that could throw some people off. This is the best part of his act in that he doesn’t look to appeal to anyone particular, but instead says what he thinks and what a lot of us viewers think as well without the platform to share. There are moments here that even he acknowledges it might offend someone, but that makes it all the funnier. It’s always refreshing to see a comedian who isn’t afraid to speak their mind and do their thing and David Cross does just that.


Like most things comedy is subjective probably even more so that most things, but despite what you might think of him as an actor you should give Cross a try and check out his all-new special David Cross: Make America Great Again available now exclusively on Netflix.

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