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The Dow Of Master Ken Vol. 1                   review by Bobby Blakey

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In the world of martial arts fans are usually treated to just fights or action movies, but every so often something comes along that stands out all on its own. With the unthinkable amount of styles out there today only one stands above them all, Ameri-Do Te. This style is featured on the popular YouTube series Enter the Dojo featuring Master Ken. Now 11th Degree Black Belt Master Ken is bringing the study of Ameri-Do Te in his new book The Dow of Master Ken Vol. 1.

Much like the old school training books featuring Ninjitsu, Tae Kwon Do or whatever other bullshit style you can think of this book breaks down the ins and outs of this unbeatable style like only Master Ken can. If you haven’t figure out the joke of it all by now then you are part of the problem in this country, but I can confidently say this book is hilariously genius.

From the first page you are reminded that Master Ken is not messing around with a liability waiver just to read this book. As I went through this manual of awesomeness I had flash backs to my days reading every training book I could get my hands on, but with the added bonus of the many laugh out loud moments. Believe it or not there are some great techniques here mixed in with the absurdity of it all and I cannot wait to try them on some of my unexpected students.

For the fans of the series they have injected some great “Bullshit” excerpts including my favorite with a joke about Steven Seagal that is pure simplistic brilliance. It is really hard to fully make you understand the fun of this book as it is something that really needs to be read to fully enjoy. As a purple belt myself in Ameri-Do Te and card carrying member of M.Y.A.S.S. this is the most fun and comprehensive book you will ever find on this deadly martial art and the man behind it all both of which are in fact NOT bullshit!


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