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Dream Scenario
   review by Bobby Blakey

Nic Cage has been on another upswing as of late with some great films including Willy’ Wonderland, PIG, Renfield, the hit film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent and more recently Butcher’s Crossing and Sympathy For The Devil. Now he has teamed up with director Kristoffer Borgli for the film Dream Scenario co-starring Julianne Nicholson, Michael Cera and Tim Meadows and produced by Midsommer and Hereditary director Ari Aster. Could this film be another dream project for Cage, or will it end up being a nightmare?


Dream Scenario follows Hapless family man Paul Matthews who finds his life turned upside down when millions of strangers suddenly start seeing him in their dreams. But when his nighttime appearances take a nightmarish turn, Pail is forced to navigate his newfound stardom.

The trailer alone promised a story that was out there and instantly invests you into the bizarre nature of it and want to know what is going on? I love this movie and it delivered every weird aspect I expected wrapped up in a story that is filled with heart, fear, hate and everything in between. I was hoping it would be something that was often confusing while being compelling and quirky and it was just that in the best way possible.

The cast are all great, but this is another Cage showcase. He isn’t bringing one of his over-the-top characters that fans have come to love and expect this time around, but signs of it sneak out from time to time. He brings a more subdued character that is kind of nerdy and struggling to find his own way despite

having a good life. He is just awkward to watch and works all the better with the look he has this time around and it just works.

As the film progresses, he is pulled into a variety of emotions and actions through this insane situation that really keeps you invested in his journey. It takes on some social commentary of how people’s five minutes of fame changes their lives as much as when the same people that lifted you up also turn on you to ruin you for things out of your control. There are some creative scenarios crafted for the dream aspects that range from sexy to funny to terrifying.

I really loved this film in all its weirdness and even more so that they never felt a need to ever explain how it was all happening. I love that it is just something that happened and then came to an end leaving it to your own mind of why or how it might have occurred. It won’t work for everyone, but I think it’s yet another great performance from Cage and I hope they hits keep coming.

In addition to the film this release offers up bonus content including commentary, deleted scenes, and featurettes. Grab your copy of Dream Scenario when it hits Blu-ray, DVD and digital on February 27th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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