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End of a Gun  review by Bobby Blakey

I have been a fan of Steven Seagal’s films since seeing his big screen debut with Above the Law in 1988. Despite watching every film he puts out, I am aware that more often than not they are going to be pretty bad, but I always hold out hope for some glimmer of the man he once was. His latest End of a Gun teams him up with regular collaborator director Keoni Waxman once again, but do they have something worth fighting for or will you want to tap out before ever getting to the fight?

End of a Gun follows an ex-DEA agents whose life takes an unexpected turn when he comes to the rescue of a seductive woman and finds himself entangled in a bloody game of cat and mouse with a maniacal drug lord when he goes on the run with her and $2 million worth of drug money. If the plot seems a bit thin then you would be correct. It is a simple and predictable plot that is the norm for most of these kinds of films, especially in the filmography of Seagal. Unlike some of his films of late, Seagal is front and center here for better or worse you can know that you are at least getting a Seagal movie as opposed to just a glorified cameo using his name to sell the film. Most of the film it is near impossible to understand most of his dialogue without cranking up the sound due to his usual mumbling monotone delivery. He plays the same character he does in every other film but for some reason even felt more stiff than usual here. The rest of the cast are pretty bad not offering up anything more than throw away moments that could have been done in a variety of other ways better. The real reason anyone wants to see a Seagal film in the first place is the hopes to see some of his Aikido skills in action. While they are never shot all that great or even executed as smoothly as they once were there are plenty of them on display top entertain whether good or bad.

Sadly once again this is just another in a line of the same old film featuring the same character he plays every time with little to help it standout. I can’t lie though, I still love seeing him do his thing because you always know what to expect and he never even attempts to do anything else. I still hold out hope that he will find another role like those of the past and with the rumored Above the Law 2 in the works it might happened, but not with this film.

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