Mosquito Entertainment debuts trailer for Escape From Death Block 13

Escape From Death Block 13.jpg

After bursting on the scene with his uncanny likeness of legendary tough guy Charles Brosnan actor Robert Bronzi has been fully embracing it in films like From Hell To The Wild West and Death Kiss. Now he is back bringing more pain in his latest Escape From Death Block 13 from director Gary Jones.

Escape From Death Block 13 follows Hungarian construction worker, Miklos "Mick" Kovacs who travels to America to seek Justice after the death of his brother. Wrongly convicted of extortion and attempted murder, Mick is sent to Pleasant Hill Penitentiary's notorious death block 13. Between the sadistic inmates and the Warden's deadly prison guards, survival proves to be an everyday struggle. Seething with revenge after discovering the truth behind his brother's death, Mick's rage ignites an explosive riot as he makes a daring escape from death block 13.

While there is no official release date you can check out the trailer from the film here from Mosquito Entertainment.