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Father of the Bride
     review by Bobby Blakey

Throughout the years there have been a various adaptations of the 1949 novel Father of the Bride dating all the way back to 1950. In 2022 a new variation hit HBO MAX starring Andy Garcia, Gloria Estefan, Adria Ariona, Isabela Merced, Diego Boneta, and Chloe Fineman. Now Warner Bros is bringing this latest entry into the franchise home, bt does it bring anything new to this familiar story or will it not be a wedding worth attending?


Father of the Bride follows Billy and Ingrid who are surprised when their eldest daughter Sofia announces a new fiancé, Adan, and plans for a quick wedding. The news keeps Billy and Ingrid from announcing that they’re planning to divorce… but they hold off for the benefit of the family. Billy’s initial opposition to wedding cools, so long as his opinions carry the most weight. Soon, Adan’s headstrong father arrives with his own traditions and family pride in tow. With the fathers vying to control the festivities, it becomes a game of one-upmanship—cultures clash, generations take sides and competing traditions collide. All relationships are tested as the roller coaster ride of wedding planning races toward the altar.


For those complaining about yet another remake that ship sailed a long time ago since this is the 6th film to be made based off the original source material. This film is a beast all its own with no connection to the previous films other than the title and premise and to my surprise worked way better than I expected.


This new entry keeps the same formula of the previous outings, but thanks to a great cast and a little culture it carves out its own voice in this familiar territory. The story is obviously simple and we all know where it is heading, but the Hispanic culture infused with the family issues all bring a freshness to the story and kind of made it feel bigger than it actually might have been.


While the focus may not have been solely on them it’s Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan who really make this film work for me. They have great chemistry and being the patriarchs of the family allowed them to be front and center of it all while still dealing with their own story arc that gave it more depth to deal with outside of just the new wedding.


This movie isn’t breaking any new grounds to the franchise or the romantic comedy, but it does deliver the laughs and heart to make it worth checking out. Grab your fanciest outfit and get your copy of Father of the Bride available now on DVD from Warner Bros.

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