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Warner Bros debuts new poster for Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga


Before the world knew Mel Gibson as Riggs from Lethal Weapon or the director of hits like Braveheart, Heartbreak Ridge and Passion of the Christ he was Max Rockatansky in the 1979 flick Mad Max from director George Miller. The film spawned three sequels with The Road Warrior, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Mad Max Fury Road, where Tom Hardy took over the role. 

The fans were also introduced to the new character Furiosa played then by Charlize Theron who was essentially the co-lead to Fury Road. Now Miller is taking us back in time to dive more into her story with the next chapter Furiosa: a Mad Max Saga with Anya Taylor-Joy taking on the role alongside Chris Hemsworth for a fresh take on this car chaotic world.

Furiosa follows young Furiosa who is snatched from the Green Place of Many Mothers and falls into the hands of a great Biker Horde led by the Warlord Dementus. Sweeping through the Wasteland, they come across the Citadel presided over by The Immortan Joe. While the two Tyrants war for dominance, Furiosa must survive many trials as she puts together the means to find her way home.

While you will have to wait until May 24, 2024 to see this next chapter in the Mad Max franchise, you can check out the new poster and previously released trailer here now from Warner Bros.

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