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General Commander            review by Bobby Blakey

General Commander_edited.jpg

I have been a fan of Steven Seagal’s films since seeing his big screen debut with Above the Law in 1988. Despite watching every film he puts out, I am aware that more often than not they are going to be pretty bad, but I always hold out hope for some glimmer of the man he once was. His latest General Commander looks to be more of the same he has been putting out but we will have to wait to check it out to see if he brings the pain and throws people around the way we love.

General Commander follows CIA agent Jake Alexander who demands revenger against mob boss Orsini after seeing a member of his team killed during a sting operation. When the CIA won’t sanction the hit, Jake and his crew quit the agency and form a task force with just one mission: vengeance. Full of explosive action, thrilling stunts, and bone-crunching fights, General Commander never lets up. I keep standing by to support Seagal’s films just hoping that we will at least get more of the great action he used to deliver, but sadly this isn’t that film.


The action itself is pretty bland focusing more on the gun play than anything and even that was generic at best. The few fights Seagal gets this time around are not overly exciting and some of the weakest I have seen in a while. In a lot of the more recent films they do a lot of quick cuts to piece his fighting sequences together, but here they were just not overly exciting on any level. The performances across the board were pretty bad and the film came off like a low budget independent film while still trying to be something bigger.


I had no delusion of what I was walking into, but usually still find something to entertain me. This time around it’s just not there and as a whole falls flat across the board. If you are a hardcore fan like me then you will surely want this film for you collection, but if you are looking for a great action flick or that redemption film for Seagal, this one isn’t it.

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