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  review by Bobby Blakey

There are few films as iconic as the original Ghostbusters. The film has not only stood the test of the time, but garnered a legion of fans of all kinds. While the second film wasn’t all that great it still holds a special place to a lot of the fans. For years fans have wanted another film and it went back and forth before finally falling in the lap of director Paul Feig featuring an all new cast including Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth which sent the fans in a mental breakdown. Love the idea or not the next chapter of the Ghostbusters is here, but does it offer up something fun to add to the franchise or will it be the misstep everyone has already assumed it is?


Ghostbusters follows a ghost invasion of Manhattan, where paranormal enthusiasts Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, nuclear engineer Jillian Holtzmann, and subway worker Patty Tolan band together to stop the otherworldly threat. Before getting into this review you have to put the whole situation perspective. Fans wanted a third chapter with the original cast, but not only is a member short with the passing of the great Harold Ramis it was clear that the rest of the original cast were never going to pull it together. That being said yes it could be left alone, but it is such rich material why couldn’t it be rebooted? Well it is here and I am happy to say that the film is pretty darn fun. There is a bit of a struggle at the beginning as it is trying to get everyone together, but once they unite the film works really well. The cast all do a great job with Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon stealing the show within the girls. Jones has so much more fun to offer than was showcased in the trailers which was great to see. McKinnon is bizarre, over the top and really strange in the best way possible. She is like an amped up crazed Egon, but not a carbon copy of the character. Both Wiig and McCarthy both do a great job with their roles as well but it’s the chemistry within these ladies that really makes it work. Of the entire cast the real standout is Hemsworth who is so ridiculously funny throughout the whole film. He is beyond stupid and adds the frustrating element needed to bring even more laughs.


The story here is pretty simple and while does offer up numerous homages to the original film it is its own story and new characters. Yes it would have been cool to see them connect it to the original in some way, but they do a good job cementing it in the universe without it being just a rehash of the same thing. They clearly have love and affection for the source material and did it justice. Unlike Ghostbusters II this one brings back the sometimes more dirty comedy and creepy scares to make a great addition to the franchise. The ghosts and effects were beautiful to watch adding that necessary element that you obviously need for a Ghostbusters film. They are all fun to watch and creative creations that really make you feel like you are in the Ghostbusters universe. With this being an updated story they also decided to update their gear giving the team more than just the proton packs with each being cooler than the next.


There are some jokes that fall flat here and there and the lead villain is not all that great, but as a whole this is a fun movie. Some of the pacing feels off at times, but in the end it all comes together to be the fun time at the movies it should be. There were people in the theater cheering for the action and laughing out loud and this was not only for the varying cameos, which are awesome, but for the new team in action hence adding to the overall experience of the film.


Sadly there are a ton of people that have made a decision about this film without seeing it and even if they did will convince themselves that they hate it no matter what which is sad because it is a fun film. Does it replace the original film? Of course not and this may come as a surprise but it doesn’t insult its memory either. It is far and above the second film and stands alone as a great film for the next generation and if you can keep an open mind it brings the iconic franchise back for the old school fan as well in a new way. I for one hope this is the beginning of an all new series of films as I would love to see these ladies back to busting ASAP, but it looks like that is unlikely to happen. Be sure to stay through the credits for some fun and an after credit scene that was worth the wait.

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