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Hell Hath No Fury
        review by Bobby Blakey


Director Jesse V. Johnson has delivered some of the best action flicks over the years including Triple Threat, Avengement, Savage Dog, and Accident Man. Now he is stepping into the world of war with his latest film Hell Hath No Fury starring Nina Bergman, Daniel Bernhardt, Louis Mandylor, Timothy V. Murphy, and former French Foreign Legion Special Forces soldier and knife-fighting technician Dominiquie Vandenberg.

​Hell Hath No Fury follows one woman who single-handedly takes on the might of the German war machine, a ragtag unit of US infantrymen, and the likes of the French resistance as each faction searches for a cache of gold stolen by the Nazis.

With Johnson and Bernhardt involved I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. At the same time I knew I wasn’t going to get the martial arts action I wanted so had to prepare myself for a different kind of ride. What I got was something unexpected that fully allows Johnson to capitalize on his action skills, but also a different kind of story that allows the depth of the characters to sit front and center. There isn’t anything we haven’t seen before on some level here, but it does offer up a different peek into the war film genre.

The story is pretty simple and is a bit hit and miss for me as it kind of juggles between wanting to be a drama and an action film while walking the line of both. Bergman is so good here offering up a wide range of emotions ranging from anger to fear to loss and so much more. She speaks volumes with her looks and mannerisms alone to let the audience know that she is more than she lets on. The rest of the cast are fine, but this is here film all the way.

Bernhardt takes on a different kind of villainous role that doesn’t offer up the martial arts action I would prefer, but does get to get in on some gun action. Johnson has infused full on gun toting action here like only he does that

works well for the given story. While nothing overly dynamic or new it still works to entertain. This is a lower budget fair and sometimes shows, but Johnson does a good job  at making it work to deliver a film that entertains and worth checking out.

​Decide for yourself and check out Hell Hath No Fury when it hits blu-ray and DVD on December 21st from Well Go USA.

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