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Highway to Heaven
       review by Drusilla Blakey

Highway to Heaven.jpg

As a young teen I remember watching Episodes of Highway to Heaven every day after school at the home of a nice lady that would watch me while my parents were at work. I was always inspired and a bit in awe at how this man could make these miracles happen and bring people together. I'm not really sure I captured the idea that Michael Landon was playing an angel sent to earth but as I got older and became an even bigger fan, I came to believe that Michael Landon himself was an angel of a man.


Now, we have this new film version of Highway to Heaven starring Jill Scott. as our angel and Barry Watson who I remember from 7th Heaven ('s all coming together)  As I sat down to watch I was hoping I would be as moved as I was when I was a teen.


The unfortunate thing I noticed about the movie is that it felt more like a long or extended episode, than a movie.  Now, I realize it's a Lifetime movie, but does it have to feel like a Lifetime movie? I was hoping for something more grand! The story and content of the movie itself is fine. The story is very touching and moving and of course the miracles are magical. 


We know to expect good things from Jill Scott and Barry Watson. They had great rapport on screen and were funny, likeable, and gave fine performances. The other cast members were also good as well, especially the children, who as well all know, can wear on you if not good actors.  Luckily the teens in this film were good and their stories and motivations were clear on screen.


Overall I think this is a fine entry in to the Highway to Heaven world.  I'm sure Michael Landon is looking down and smiling at the thought that a new generation of viewers will be introduced to the series.

Grab your copy of Highway To Heaven available now on DVD. 

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