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The Houses October Built 2               review by Bobby Blakey

At this point I personally think the found footage thing has kind of run its course. The genre that has gotten the most out of it is that of horror and in 2014 the film The Houses October Built took full advantage of it with pretty decent fun results. Now they are hitting the road once again for The Houses October Built 2 with all the original cast, but does it have anything new to say or will it be a haunt not worth visiting?


The Houses October Built 2 follows five friends recovering from the trauma of being kidnapped last Halloween by the Blue Skeleton, a group who take “extreme haunt” to another level, who decide they must face their fears in order to move on. Heading back out on the road to visit more haunted house attractions, signs of the Blue Skeleton start appearing again and a new terror begins. I was hesitant going into this movie on how they were going to move it forward since it appeared that they all died in the first film after being buried alive. The film explains how they survived and with a pretty silly plot decide to head out again to do the same exact thing.


This might sound farfetched and silly and you would be right. This is essentially the exact same movie all over again, but this time around seemed to focus more on the varying haunted houses themselves which is a lot of fun. This follow up offers nothing new and really feels more like a remake with the connections to the first film as opposed to something new for them to do. There are so many silly decisions that you will likely find yourself pretty frustrated as it goes along.


Thankfully though it does offer up some of the same fun and has a fun little twist at the end to take it to a new level. Some people may not like the ending, but I thought it at least did something different and helped it to stand out on its own. There are no overly gory kills or anything all that scary here, but in the end the film still has some fun moments and if you liked the original and expect more of the same then you will likely dig it.

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