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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer 4K                                review by Bobby Blakey

Not sure which was actually filmed first but after Scream changed the slasher genre in 1996 it didn’t take long for others to latch onto the formula. In 1997 a new killer and franchise was born with I Know What You Did Last Summer that was a success in its own right. In 1998 stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. returned for I Still Know What You Did Last Summer co-starring Mekhi Phifer, Brandy, Jack Black, Jennifer Espisito, John Hawkes, Jeffery Combs, Bill Cobbs and Matthew Settle.


I Still Know What You Did Last Summer follows Julie James who is still haunted ever since killing the Fisherman one year ago, by images of him after her, causes her relationship with Ray Bronson to suffer further. When her best friend Karla Wilson wins free tickets to the Bahamas, Julie finds this a perfect opportunity to finally relax. But someone is waiting for her. Someone who she thought was dead. Someone who is out again for revenge.


This one even takes some of the same elements of the Scream sequels to push its story forward. Not to say it is a blatant rip off, but both franchises use the same formula so it was to be expected. There is nothing here that took things to a new level, but I still enjoyed it for the slasher flick it is. I was always baffled to why neither of these first two films ever really pushed the boundaries in the kills with a lot of them done off screen, but still works.


I am personally a bigger fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt in these films than Neve Campbell from Scream, but both are pretty much the same to be fair.

I think the supporting cast to this chapter was fine but never strong enough to really suck you into it all and overly care about them. That being said they all serve their usual purpose and had forgotten Jack Black had a small role here.


The fisherman is a fun killer with a back story that is a bit one dimensional, but still lends itself to anyone taking up the mantle in its look. Sadly the franchise to date hasn’t gotten past the not so great third entry I Will Always Know What You Did Last Summer from 2006, but there has been rumblings of a possible cast return for a fourth entry. Until that happens you can still enjoy the original two with this second entry makes its debut on 4K to celebrate its 25th Anniversary.


Grab your copy of I Still Know What You Did Last Summer available now on 4K from Sony Home Entertainment.  

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