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It's So Easy & Other Lies

                              by Bobby Blakey

There are rarely documentaries that standout as anything other than pretty average when it comes to the style, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t offer up a great story still. The latest It’s So Easy & Other Lies looks to shake it up a bit with it taking the documentary approach, spoken word and concert film and mashing them together for a unique storytelling approach.


It’s So Easy & Other Lies follows the lifetime story of Guns N' Roses bass player, Duff McKagan and how he struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, and overcame it. Talks about the real challenges in everyday life, his childhood, and how the band made it big. Much like any documentary there are a slew of people showing up to talk about Duff including Slash, Nikki Sixx, Benny “ The Jet” Urquidez and so many more. Typically you might not think that the bass player of a band would be a great focal point to a story, but Duff McKagan was no ordinary bass player. While most may only know him from his massive success with Guns N’ Roses and Velevet Revolver its impressive to know how much influence and involvement he had beyond that both before and after those successes. This story obviously focuses on his life and journey, but also serves as a side documentary on the other bands as well and their rise to fame. The choice to use his spoken word readings of his book makes for a cool narration to the story that makes you feel like you are watching something more than just a generic documentary. In addition there are moments of live musical performances that help to transition to the next chapter of his life and the choices of music and the performances themselves are excellent. While there is a lot of aspects to his story that are the clichéd elements you expect in every rock star lifestyle it is the journey to change and get better that is really interesting and unlike anyone else. Getting to spend time seeing him train with legendary actor and kickboxing champion Benny “The Jet” Urquidez as well as hearing him speak on the journey with Duff is inspirational in and of itself. It is a great testament to the martial arts and the power it can have one someone willing to open themselves up to it.


In the end this film ended up being so much more than just a story about a famous bass player, but instead a story of success, love, redemption and life all wrapped in an iconic rock and roll bass line that works whether you are a fan of the music or not.

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