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Mr Loco Films debuts poster to their upcoming feature Killbilly


I love independent films and even wrote and directed a few of my own. While most are just done for pure fun there are others who dive head first into a project with a burning passion for the craft and stories that they must unleash into the world. Writer and director Freddy Ruiz has been showcasing his writings and crazed humor for years from hosting screenings at Alamo Drafthouse to doing reviews and articles for varying publications.


Now he is bringing one of his crazed visions to bloody life with Killbilly starring Edgar Benavente, Sarah Menez, Justin Delamar, Robert W. Allen, Jimmy Blunt and Cory Albert Snelson. I have been following their production and it looks to be a ton of bloody fun with plenty of gore to please the horror fans.


Killbilly follows a young teenager who escapes into the forest fleeing a deranged young woman who has killed his church youth group only to find people more deadly and heinous lurking in the forest awaiting to trap unsuspecting victims!


While there is no official date yet on the release or screening dates, they have released the first poster of the film featuring art from Jeff Muncy that you can check out here now from Mr. Loco Films.

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