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Sony debuts poster and red band trailer for Kraven The Hunter

While Tom Holland’s iteration of Spider-Man is firmly planted in the MCU the characters is still owned by Sony. Outside of their original Spider-Man films they have been trying to get their own franchise going with the highly successful Spider-Verse films, Venom and more recently Morbius. Now they are bringing yet another villain to the forefront with Kraven The Hunter starring Ariana DeBose, Fred Hechinger, Alessandro Nivola, Christopher Abbott, Russell Crowe and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kraven with A Most Violent Year director J.C. Chandor at the helm.

The popular Spider-Man villain is one of the more unique in story line and this latest look seems to keep the core intact, but with some varying changes that may or may not work. I know it has been hit and miss with opinions on the Venom and Morbius films, but I applaud the attempt at trying to bring some of these outside characters to life. I love Kraven and hope this works on some level, but from the first look the trailer looks pretty fun and violent.

While you will have to wait until October to see Sony’s first R-rated addition to their Spider-Man universe in theaters, but until then you can check out the poster and red band trailer for Kraven The Hunter Here now from Sony.

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