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Lazer Team 

reveiw by Bobby Blakey 

There are comedies that come along that never get the credit they quite deserve. The comedy team behind the popular Red vs Blue series has come together to bring a new film together with Lazer Team. The film features a great funny cast including Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Colton Dunn, and Alan Ritchson, but does it pack the comedy punch the trailer promises or will it be an invasion not worth caring about?


Lazer Team follows the a message that was delivered in the 60s that let us know that we

are not alone and that the universe is a dangerous place and that we are going to be attacked. Luckily, the coded message came from a friendly alien race that fathered and protected us over the years. Now they are giving us the tools to fight back in the form of power armor, but the delivery service takes a long time, and during those decades waiting for that cargo ship to arrive with their one power suit, they choose a champion of earth to train to wear the suit and defend the earth! Then the ship finally arrives... Only to get shot down by 4 morons who play with the suit and ultimately get one piece each stuck to them. Now they need to work with the government to train these 4 morons with individual pieces attached to them. This movie is hilarious in the silliest way possible. The cast all do a great job and have great chemistry with each other. The story isn’t anything new taking the unexpected heroes and thrusting them into the hero roles, but here making them pretty much not want to have anything to do with each other helps to give it something fresh. There is some fun action along with the zany comedy that makes the film a lot of fun, but it is so silly at times that it might now work for everyone. For a film like this that is not on the big budget scale it still offers up some great effects that makes the film work even better than you might think.


In the end this is a silly film that some will not buy into, but if you just let it be the fun it is then you will have a great time. Hopefully these guys will get together again for more adventures here or something else entirely because they are fun to watch. In addition to the film this release also includes deleted scenes & extended scenes, bloopers and the VFX breakdown. Join the fight to save Earth and grab your copy of Lazer Team available on DVD now from Anchor Bay Home Entertainment.

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