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The Legally Blonde Collection                     review by Drusilla Blakey


When Reese Witherspoon hit the big screen in 2001s Legally Blonde it seemed like it would be one of those silly comedies that would just come and go, but instead it became big hit spawning a sequel with Reese returning to the role as well as a prequel film not starring Witherspoon. No it's time to put on your favorite pink outfit and break out the Snap Cup because this amazing new Legally Blonde Collection.


In Legally Blonde, Elle’s boyfriend Warner Huntington III dumps her for mean girl Vivian Kensington, and Harvard Law, so she decides she should go too - what, like it’s hard? With her loyal sidekick Bruiser, the handsome Emmett, and new friend Paulette by her side, Elle hits the books and fights to be taken seriously, while she helps her friends stand up for themselves. In the follow up, Elle storms the Capital in her one-of-a-kind fashion to pass a bill against animal testing, turning DC on its stuffy, boring head. 


Prior to Legally Blonde, we had seen Reese Witherspoon in several small films, but this film really opened the door for her and proved that she could carry a movie as the lead actress.  Once Legally Blonde 2 came around, Reese was a legit movie star and the film gained new momentum.  Both of these films are adored by fans as it proves that women can be powerful without compromising who they are.  And don't forget about the new breakout star Bruiser Woods!


Now we have this special two disc set that includes both Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde2: Red, White and Blonde.  However, the real reason to run out and buy this new set is for the amazing special features!  Both discs includes interviews with the cast that really adds so much value to the stories of the movie.  Now knowing what I learned in these interviews, it makes the movies a lot more fun to watch again.


Additionally, these new discs include special commentaries that you can listen to while watching the movies.  There are also several behind the scenes featurettes, deleted scenes, gag reels and more. Fans of the series will 'totally' enjoy rewatching your favorite films with all these amazing special features.  Plus, you need to be sure you are all up to date and ready for Legally Blonde 3 which is currently scheduled for a spring 2020 release date. I'm so excited, I need to bend and snap!

Grab your copy of the Legally Blonde Collection available now from Shout Factory.

For more information or to order your copy head over to

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