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Legend of the Naga Pearls                     review by Bobby Blakey

Asian cinema is known for their martial arts epics and insane horror films, but they also produce some of the most unique fantasy epics around. Legend of the Naga Pearls is the latest getting the US release from the premiere US distributor Well Go USA, but does it offer up the expected epic action and fantasy elements or will it fail to fly?

Legend of the Naga Pearls follows the Winged Tribe who lost their ability to fly after being defeated by humans centuries ago. Seeking vengeance, a royal descendant of the tribe has begun searching for the magical Naga Pearls, which he plans to use to destroy the humans. When the legendary pearls fall into - and out of - the hands of Heiyu, a wily human street punk, he must join a team of unlikely heroes as they race to prevent the destruction of their people in this magical fantasy adventure. From the moment this film kicks off you can tell it is going to be a fun fantasy adventure. Visually it is vibrantly colorful and a full on treat to the senses. The look and feel of some of the characters come off a bit sillier than they may have wanted them too, but after a bit you can buy into them and let it go.

The story is just interesting enough to keep you invested until the big finale. There are some fun well-choreographed fight sequences that will no doubt entertain fans of these old school wire work features. Some of the CGI work on the characters don’t blend all that great, but if you just buy into it all you can let that go and just have some fun with them. Thankfully it is just fun and interesting enough from beginning to end to invest your time and have some fun. This film isn’t changing anything in the genre, but it is worth checking out if you enjoy the sweeping martial arts epics or fantasy adventure films.

Grab your copy of Legend of the Naga Pearls when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on January 30th from Well Go USA.

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