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Merry Little Batman
                 review by Bobby Blakey

merry-little-batman-MLBA_2023_SPStatic_Gargoyle2_1080x1350_PRE_FINAL_en-US_CPS_rgb (1).jpg

Throughout the years there have been insane amounts of animated versions of Batman, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The latest is a new Christmas animated feature coming to Prime called Merry Little Batman. The film features the voice talents of Yonas Kibreab, Luke Wilson, James Cromwell, and David Hornsby from Regular Show director Mike Roth. Could this latest outing of the Bat-verse bring something fun and new to the franchise or will it fail to share the holiday spirit?


Merry Little Batman follows young Damian Wayne who finds himself alone in Wayne Manor on Christmas Eve, where he must transform into “Little Batman'' in order to defend his home and Gotham City from the crooks and supervillains intent on destroying the holidays.


I was sold on the first trailer in all its insanity but let me tell you I loved it even more than I had expected. I will tell you know that a lot of people will probably hate it just for the art style alone, but it just pulled me right in. The tone felt a little like something out of Teen Titans GO! While still being something completely original. The story takes it into an Elseworld platform allowing it to not be held to anything that came before it.


The story is simple but offers up some family drama and fun between Bruce and Damian Wayne in a way we haven’t really seen yet. In this time Batman has stopped all crime and no longer doing the Bat thing and trying to be a good father to Damian who wants the superhero life. Obviously, this sets the stage for the coming chaos that pulls no punches and fully entertains from the beginning to the very end.


I loved the insane animation styles and look of this series and the characters that are inhabiting it. It is organized chaos that looks to be infused with chaotic passion from those behind bringing it to life. It is perfect for this film and just grew on me more and more as the film progressed. The designs do the characters justice while still bringing an insane look to them all but never mocking them in any way. Of them all the Penguin is the most disturbing looking in the best way possible. I love every element of this animation but will have some no doubt complaining.  


It's an often over the top visual and silly affair, but on I loved every minute of. There is something more entertaining seeing Batman with a beard and being awkward in the father role while still being the bad ass Dark Knight. I hope this film finds the audience it deserves and not the last time we see this style darken the DC Universe.


Decide for yourself and check out Merry Little Batman when it streams exclusively December 8th on Prime.

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