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Mon Mon Mon Monsters!               review by Bobby Blakey


With all the varying streaming services these days it was only time before a horror took front and center. Shudder is one of the premiere services for the genre and has been on a role with their varying films and originals. The latest, Mon Mon Mon Monsters! is yet another Shudder original that’s getting the home entertainment treatment, but does it offer up the scares fans want or will it fail to get past the classroom?


Mon Mon Mon Monsters follows a group of classmates doing community service who discover two flesh-eating creatures hiding in an old building. One of the creatures is able to escape, but they capture the other one, torturing her while trying to learn what she really is. It soon becomes clear that the first creature’s escape has dire consequences, as she hunts them down and stops at nothing to free her sister.


I knew nothing about this film going in and must say was pretty annoyed with the first half of the film. This is mostly due to the fact that almost every character in the film is unlikeable and just mean. Prior to getting to the monster aspect the film is really just about aggressively violent bullying of one boy. As it progresses I just got more and more angry and annoyed by not just the bullying but the lack of any of the teachers or others doing anything about it. This is clearly by design to set up the insanity of the second half of the film which then made it all work way better than I thought it was going to.


Once they introduce the first creature it feeds off the bullying and aggressive nature while bringing the craziness to full insanity. This all seems like more bad decision making and making these bad kids worse, but then the other creature arrives and things start looking up in the best more gruesome way possible. I was expecting a bit more gore, but there is still enough here for it to please the horror fans and keep them entertained.


While there are some great moments in the second half of the film when the blood starts to flow it is the big twist at the end that really made me smile. It felt so perfect from everything that came before it taking right back to the film we were experiencing prior to the creatures introduction. If you haven’t heard anything about this movie then keep it that way and go in fresh and just let it happen.


Grab your copy of Mon Mon Mon Monsters! available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Shudder and RLJE Films.

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