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Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind
                                               review by Bobby Blakey


In 1995 the popular video game Mortal Kombat hit theaters bringing all the action and fun to epic life. Since then there have been numerous new takes including a not so great sequel, a pretty cool web series and the recent big screen reboot. In 2020 they debuted the animated feature Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge that was followed by Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms. Now the next film in the Legends series is coming Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind taking us further into the world of the iconic tournament.

Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind follows vicious, power-mad Kano determined to take over Earthrealm, one soul at a time. Assisted by a trio of cold Black Dragon mercenaries, he embarks on a brutal assault from town to defenseless town. The choice is simple: Kneel or be annihilated. But when the cocky and talented but undisciplined Kenshi doesn’t take a knee, Kano and his clan destroy the young warrior, taking his eyesight and his confidence. Under the tutelage of reluctant, retired Kuai Liang, the only one powerful enough to challenge the malevolent Kano, Kenshi finds renewed hope and a clear path to redemption. But will it be enough to stop Kano from decimating all of Earthrealm?


I really have dug these animated features thanks in part to the adult violent nature of them. This latest outing might be the most gory to date with it wasting no time to bring the pain and dismemberment. The story isn’t the usual Mortal Kombat story as it brings a more apocalyptic tone to the world with some interesting twists to the characters. It keeps a lot of what makes the fans dig them intact, but also feels like a fresh new take on them. Since I haven’t kept up with the game series I have no idea if any of these designs are


rom any of them, but enjoyed them nonetheless.

There is an interesting twist to the ending that could open up lots of new ways to tweak the franchise and gives a good explanation to the change here. There is no shortage of action here with plenty of fights, spine ripping and finishing moves that will keep the fans happy even if they aren’t all rocking their usual looks.


The classic animation style is well done with a bit of a grittier tone that initially threw me off, but grew on me by the end. I think it is a fitting look for this sort of film and the story they are telling here. I hope that this isn’t the last chapter in this animated franchise as there are so many characters to play with and violence to deliver.


In addition to the film this release offers up bonus content including commentary and featurettes taking you behind the fight. Step back into the world of combat with Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind available now on digital and then on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD on October 11th from Warner Bros Home Entertainment.

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