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Night of the Demons Collections                   review by Bobby Blakey

Scream Factory has been bringing all the classic horror films to Blu-ray and 4K for years and show no signs of slowing down. The latest getting the 4K treatment is the 1988 cult favorite Night of the Demons as well as Blu-ray releases of the sequels Night of The Demons 2 (1994) and Night of the Demons 3 (1997).


Night of the Demons follows 10 teens who decide to go to a party at an abandoned funeral parlor. "Hull House", rumored to be built on an evil patch of land & underground stream, is the place. While starting the party, the teens gather around a big mirror to perform a seance...BIG MISTAKE. They awaken some evil force and find themselves trapped and taken over one by one. Now it's a battle for who can survive and cross over the stream before going to hell....


This movie is 80s through and through with the crazed unlikable teenagers, random sex/nudity and of course the blood and demons. I love this movie despite it not really being all that great. There isn’t a single character in the movie that you can like, but at the same time makes you more excited to see them die. The story is simple and a bit all over the place, but delivers the craziness it sets out to including

one of my all time favorites of scream queen Linnea Quigley and lipstick.


This new 4K transfer looks great and fully pushes the 80s look right into your face in all its cheesy silly gory glory and a must have for any fans collection. It features an insane amount of bonus content both old and new that makes it all the more worth grabbing a copy.

Night of the Demons 2 follows Mouse who is taken by her bullying Catholic school classmates to a party at Angela's favorite haunt, and before long, everybody's being turned into demons and only a butt-kickin' nun, who wields her ruler like a mighty sword of steel, can save the day.


Normally sequels like this are either lower budget or just plain bad in comparison, but this time around it is just the opposite. Where the first film is cheesy and kind of goofy, this one steps things up all around. Sure, it is still silly at times, but its just a better produced and executed flick. The characters aren’t near as unlikable and the kills and effects are even better. I didn’t think they could top the lipstick gag in the first film, but they did just that and then some. I hada  great time with this one and would likely be the one I would watch more often given the choice, but of course you can’t just watch one party with Angela you need them all.


While this entry didn’t get the 4K treatment it does have tons of bonus content both old and new including commentaries, interviews, photo gallery, alternate scenes, extended scenes, deleted scenes and so much more making it a must have for fans of horror and this franchise.

Night of the Demons 3 follows hoodlums Vince, his vulgar girlfriend Lois and their friends Nick and Reggie who are driving around in the van of Orson. They see the cheerleader Holly trying to fix her car and they offer a ride to Holly and her friend Abbie. They stop in a convenience store to buy beer and the clerk suspects of the group and points a shotgun to them but Vince takes the weapon and dominates the situation. But two police officers come to the place and Vince accidentally shots one of them when the clerk grabs his hair. The other policeman shots Reggie in the stomach, but they succeed to escape from the store. But the van is shot on the gas tank and Vince decides to stop the vehicle in the infamous Hull House, a cursed place, instead of taking Reggie to the hospital, using the shotgun to force Nick and the other teenagers to follow him. But the place is not abandoned and the demon Angela meets them in an human form. Meanwhile, the office was wearing bulletproof vest and was not wounded and the veteran Lieutenant Dewhurst discovers that the clerk is lying after watching the surveillance tape. Dewhurst track them down while the group discovers the truth about the Hull House.


While I wasn’t able to review this one it is getting the release along with he previous

two so that you can completed your collection of the original trilogy complete with more new and classic bonus content including commentaries, interviews, trailers, dailies alternate title sequence and loads more.


Grab your copies of Night of the Demons Collectors Editions 4K+Blu-ray, Night of the Demons 2 Collector’s Edition Blu-ray and Night of the Demons 3 Collector’s Edition Blu-ray available now from Scream Factory.


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