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           Nightbreed Collector’s Edition 4K           review by Bobby Blakey

Shout Factory continues to churn out the classics under their Scream Factory. The latest is the 1990 flick Nightbreed written and directed by visionary filmmaker Clive Barker, based on his popular novel Cabal. The film stars Craig Sheffer, Anne Bobby, David Cronenberg, Charles Haid and Doug Bradley. Now Scream Factory is bringing the film home in an all new 4K Collector’s Edition.


Nightbreed follows Boone who may be a troubled young man, but his troubles are just beginning. Set up as the fall guy in a string of slasher murders, he decides he'll hide by crossing the threshold that separates “us” from “them” and sneak into the forbidden subterranean realm of Midian. Boone will live among the monsters.


I have seen this film a few times throughout the years, but realize sitting down to revisit it that I have not seen the unrated edition or even the entire film in its entirety. I was baffled realizing as I had thought I had seen it, but clearly not. Over the years the film has been met with mixed results and I can see why as it is a bit all over the place as it tries to build this new world. It works enough to entertain, but does get in its own way more often than not. There is just too many things trying to take center stage and never owning itself.


I love the story and its intention. Barker has always been an intriguing writer and even director bringing these often intense visions to life. They will never live up to the perfection of what he creates on the page, but here thanks to some excellent make-up and brilliant designs it offers up a memorable visual experience that makes the film worth checking out. They are so many great

creatures and attention to detail within the realm of Midian that you can’t easily see it all in one viewing.


This is where the film shines in the effects, gore and overall unique vision coming across on screen in the best way possible. I admit I still love this film in all its strange glory even if it struggles and limps along at times.


In addition to the film, this release offers up loads of bonus content including commentary, galleries, featurettes, both theatrical and directors cut of the film and so much more. Grab your copy of Nightbreed Collector’s Edition 4K available now from Scream Factory.

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