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One Cut Of The Dead         review by Bobby Blakey


I love a good zombie flick, but sadly most of the are more of the same crap every time. Thankfully there have been some clever ones over the years like Shaun of the Dead and Juan of the Dead. Now another is joining the fray in the form of the Japanese film One Cut Of The Dead. Could this latest zombie comedy offer up the fun and bloody laughs fans want or should it have stayed dead and buried?


One Cut Of The Dead follows a low-budget zombie film being filmed in an abandoned warehouse where the crew find themselves caught between actual zombies and a mad director who won’t stop rolling. If you think you know what happens next, think again. Filmmaker Shinichiro Ueda turns the film on its head more than once for one of the wildest, funniest, and most surprising zombie movies of all time.


I knew nothing about this movie going in and initially it seems kind of off until you really get what is going on and it turns in to sheer brilliance. The first 30+ minutes of the film was shot in one take which is then the catalyst to the rest of the feature. While it’s a comedy its not a spoof, but more about the comedic timing of them trying to get the shots in their film. There are so many moving parts to make this film like most, but every single one pays off as it plays out. Seeing the cleverness to what they put together made this easily one of my favorite new films in the genre.


There is plenty of blood and puke for the gore hounds along without ever really being scary. Instead it is a full on silly piece of cinematic fun that will no doubt entertain both horror and non-horror fans. I don’t want to say much about the film itself as it needs to be experienced to get the full on fun of it all, but it’s a must see. It is one that will for sure be on rotation in my viewing fun in the near future.


In addition to the film this release also offers up bonus content including outtakes, photo gallery, POM! Instructional video and a Go Pro version of the film. Grab your copy of One Cut Of The Dead available now on Blu-ray and DVD from RLJE Films and Shudder.  

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