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One More Shot
    review by Bobby Blakey

In 2021 director James Nunn teamed up with martial arts action star Scott Adkins for the film On Shot. The entire film was shot to look like one take. Now the duo is teaming up for the fourth time for the sequel One More Shot this time co-starring Alexis Knapp, Meena Rayann, Hannah Arterton, Waleed Elgadi, Tom Berenger and martial arts icon Michael Jai White. Could this next chapter bring more of the great action from the first film or will it fail to hit is mark?

One More Shot follows Navy SEAL Jake Harris who must use all his battle-honed skills to survive an airport siege from mercenaries attempting to capture high-profile terrorist suspect Amin Mansur after a black site attack in Poland. With a bomb threatening the State of the Union Address, Mansur is the only person who may know its location. Still reeling from the loss of his team, Harris must protect the man he brought in for justice at any cost.


This film picks up after the events of the previous film, but to be honest you could still watch it as a standalone film with the only thing you will have missed is the action leading up to the prisoner they are transporting. It offers up a decent enough dialogue exchange that lets you know the deal so you can dive right in. Still, I recommend the first one because like this one it features some great action.


The tone here is like that of Die Hard 2 in the airport and one man fighting back. The single shot style lends itself once again creating some great intense action and chaos without feeling like just a gimmick. It takes just a short amount of time to set everything up and then we are off to the races and rarely let up on the action until the very end. There are a few slower moments to just further the story and get those twist sand turns in, but spends the majority of the film letting bullets, feet, fists and everything else fly to excellent results.


The one-shot idea alone is cool and well executed, but the addition of Adkins to lead the charge once again steps it up. Adkins does his thing without fail and showcases his great action chops. Despite not getting to see as many of his fancy kicking abilities, there is still plenty of hand-to-hand fights that fit with the tone of this film and still enough to please the hardcore fans. Knowing Michael Jai White was here got my hopes up for a faceoff between the two which we get and delivers but will say I was a bit bummed he didn’t get in on more of the action throughout.


The film isn’t breaking down any new walls in the genre, but it is damn sure holding them up keeping the old school world of action alive and kicking. I hope we get more from this duo in any form but would like to see the same idea and character back to kick some ass.


Check out One More Shot streaming now on Netflix. You can also check out the first film One Shot available now on DVD.

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