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                 Pet Sematary

30th Anniversary Edition 4K                         review by Bobby Blakey


There have been a ton of Stephen King’s iconic novels adapted into feature films. In 1989 his novel Pet Sematary got the big screen treatment and has since become a fan favorite. Now Paramount is bringing the horror classic to 4K in time to celebrate not only the release of the remake, but also its anniversary with the Pet Sematary 30th Anniversary Edition.  

Pet Sematary follows young doctor, Louis Creed, and his family--his wife, Rachel, their daughter, Ellie, and their three-year-old toddler, Gage--move to their new home in the small rural town of Ludlow, Maine, alarmingly close to a busy highway. However, when Rachel's cherished tomcat is inadvertently killed in an awful accident, a desperate Louis will reluctantly take his friendly neighbour's advice to bury it in an ancient Micmac graveyard--a mystical burial ground imbued with reanimating powers. Despite the terrible results and the insistent warnings from a recently deceased, tragedy-stricken Louis is forced to go back to the Indian cemetery, hoping that, this time, things will be different. But, can the dead return from the grave? 

I honestly haven’t sat down in quite some time to watch this and forgot home

much I loved it. After revisiting this horror classic it holds up really well all around. I forgot how gory it actually is and was instantly brought right back into the world of King’s masterpiece like I had been watching it every day. I have never sat down to read the book so never really knew too much about the story outside of this movie and I am so glad I got to revisit it with this new release.

The cast are all great with Fred Gwynne stealing the show for me. His southern drawl and every man persona was not only great but opposite than anything that I had seen him do and made him stand out. I admit that when seeing the trailer for the new film I instantly began to judge the entire film based on his “Sometimes dead is betta” line with John Lithgow delivering it to see if it was a worthy successor of the character. The effects hold up well and the overall tone is still creepy and great bringing this classic right back to the forefront in glorious 4K for the first time.

This release not only offers up the film in 4K resolution, but bonus content including commentary, behind the scenes galleries, interviews, a look back with the cast of the 2019 film and more both new and original special features. Return to the Indian burial ground once again with Pet Sematary: 30th Anniversary on 4K Ultra available now from Paramount Home Entertainment.  

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