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Police Story III: Super Cop 4K                    review by Bobby Blakey

Throughout his iconic career Jackie Chan has delivered some of, if not the best action films of all time. While his primary success has been in the Asian film market during the 80s and 90s Chan tried his hands a few times in American Cinema with mixed results. Eventually various production companies began retooling his films complete with a new title to bring them to the states. In 1996 Super Cop was released by Dimension Films which was actually the 1992 sequel Police Story III that also got a spin off in Super Cop II with co-star Michelle Yeoh. Now MVD is bringing an all-new 4K edition of this classic action film home.

Police Story III: Super Cop follows police Inspector Chan Ka Kui who goes undercover in a Chinese prison to infiltrate a drug cartel. There, he earns the trust of Panther, a cartel member, by breaking him out of prison. With the help of another undercover agent, they travel to Hong Kong and join up with Panther's gang. Ka Kui is accepted by the gang's leader, but his operation is jeopardized when Ka Kui's girlfriend accidentally reveals his true identity.

Despite this film being the actual third entry into his awesome Police Story series, all of the films in the franchise work as standalones. You can dive right in and get in on the fun, but obviously its more entertaining knowing all the characters that returned to continue their story. This film stands out all on its own for the unsurprisingly awesome action, but even more so of the early breakout roles for now Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh. Like Chan, she does all her own stunts here as well taking her into a whole different level of action icon.

The story is simple enough and brings the action and laughs you come to expect

with a Chan film, but it’s the action that people are here to see. Both Chan and Yeoh kick all kinds of ass and have great chemistry together. I have loved this film since the first time I saw it back in the 90s and it still holds up to perfection today. While I still think the original Police Story is one of Chan’s best films, this one is a close second mostly due to the addition of Yeoh that steps things up to a new level.

This new 4K remastering looks great and allows the film to be seen the way it should be, letting the action explode off screen like it deserves. I could go on and on about the impressive action and fun of this film, but you really have to experience the legends of Chan and Yeoh in action to really appreciate it.

This epic release not only includes both the original and US release of the film, but bonus content including trailers, TV Spots, commentaries, interviews, outtakes, behind the scenes, a Guy Laroche 1984 commercial featuring Chan and Yeoh and so much more. As if that wasn’t already enough reason to get it, this set also includes a double-sided foldout poster, replica lobby cards, an 80 page booklet and new slipcase with brand-new artwork from Sean Longmore.

Grab your copy of Police Story III: Super Cop 4K available now for the first time in North America.

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