review by Bobby Blakey


Action movies are the only film genre outside of horror that seems to just churn them out at an insanely fast pace. Interestingly enough there are a ton of them that get released straight to the home entertainment market that feature big stars. As of late Bruce Willis has done a lot of these and his latest Reprisal has him teaming up with his Vice and The Prince director Brian A. Miller and co-stars Frank Grillo and Jonathan Schaech, but does it offer anything that sets it apart from the rest or will it be a heist not worth stopping?

Reprisal follows Jacob, a bank manager haunted by a violent heist that took the life of a coworker, who teams up with his ex-cop neighbor, James, to bring down the assailant. While the two men work together to figure out the thief's next move, Gabriel, the highly-trained criminal, is one step ahead. When Gabriel kidnaps Jacob's wife and daughter, Jacob barrels down a path of bloodshed that initiates an explosive counterattack and brings all three men to the breaking point.

With these kinds of films I always keep my expectations low, but admit I still love some Bruce Willis and the always great Frank Grillo. This flick offers up a decent story and is executed well enough, but never fully offers anything to make it fully stand out. There is some action here, but not so much as you might expect. The story is simple enough and Grillo carries the film well as he always does but with a more every man role as opposed to the higher action ones he has done often. Willis is in this one a lot more than some of the others of late with he an Grillo working well together.

They attempted to craft a game of criminal cat and mouse, but there is never anything that really sucks you into to get fully invested. It plays up a lot more average than action packed, but its not trying to be anything other than what it is. I did enjoy the film and kept me interested as a simple genre flick thanks to the Grillo and Willis. There is a bit of decent action, but if you are a fan of these guys and want to check it out then just tone down your expectations and let it unfold its case its own way.