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review by Bobby Blakey


I love a good cheesy horror flick that offers up plenty of blood and fun. There are a lot that come along, but more often than not they fail to deliver, but the latest Slice from music video director Austin Vesely making his feature debut looks to bring all those elements to the forefront. The film stars Paul Scheer, Rae Gray, Joe Keery Zazie Beetz fresh off her hit Deadpool 2 and Chance Bennett aka Chance the Rapper in his film debut, but can it bring that something special to the genre or will it fail to make the delivery on time?

Slice follows a spooky small town, where a slew of pizza delivery boys are slain on the job and two daring survivors set out to catch the culprits behind the cryptic crime spree. I had been hearing good things about this flick and with the addition of a possible werewolf to the story I was of course all in. While I was disappointed by the werewolf side of it this still ended up being a pretty fun horror comedy. The story is simple, but crafting a murder mystery / slasher within a world where ghosts and people walk among each other made it all the more fun and original.

They play the film up for the comedy side more than the horror element which was a smart decision to make this work. Right out of the gate you know this is going to be a silly film but it works on just about every level. The obsession with Chinese and pizza delivery by the characters made it all seem to matter more while making even less sense in the best way possible. Everything about this movie reminded me of some of the old Troma films with a great silly story and a hint of serious fun bringing the two genres successfully together with a bigger budget and overall better execution.

I wasn’t overly pleased with the look and direction of the werewolf, but Chance the Rapper did a great job in the role along with the rest of the cast that all were clearly having a blast. This is one of those midnight movies types that works exactly as they had intended with never taking itself overly serious while still bringing a fun film to fans of the genre. Grab your copy of Slice available now on DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.    

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