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Snake Outta Compton          review by Bobby Blakey

Snake Outta Compton_edited.jpg

Through the years there have been some pretty great spoof films done, but there have been a lot more of them that just don’t work. The latest, Snake Outta Compton has the clever title, but does it offer up the laughs and make it a spoof that stands out or will it fail to keep the beat?

Snake Outta Compton follows Cam and his hip-hop crew are all set to sign a record deal that could change their lives. But their jealous friend Vurkel wrecks their plans when he creates a giant, mutant snake that quickly lays waste to the city of Compton, eating everyone in its path. Soon Cam, Pinball, Neon, and Beez Neez cook up a crazy scheme to stop the monstrous, munching menace—blow it away it by pumping up the jams! I love a good spoof film, but sadly this latest entry suffers from the same fate as most in its just not all that funny.

The premise and idea is ridiculous, but had they fleshed the idea out more it could have been great. The mix of rap and creature feature spoof could have offered up some great jokes and laughs, but instead they strangely carried the entire film on outdated material including Urkel and Training Day. Both are great elements but just not current enough to really bring the fun. Instead I found it more cringe worthy and forced with few laughs to be had.

I had high hopes for this one mostly due to the great publicity materials they sent out and the clever title, but sadly they tried to hard to force the laughs with material that just didn’t live up to the hype and in the end failed to keep the beat alive. If you are one of those that just love all spoofs or even the cheesy SyFy Channel monster features then give this one a shot, but if not then you might be better off changing the station.

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