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Space Ghost & Dino Boy:      The Complete Series

                       review by Bobby Blakey


Before Space Ghost became the fun hilarious talk show host in Space Ghost Coast to Coast he was an actual intergalactic superhero in his own show in the 1960s. During that time Hanna Barbara did a lot of block series featuring multiple characters with one being the series Space Ghost & Dino Boy that brought our intergalactic hero on adventures alongside the prehistoric adventure series. Now Warner Bros is bringing the classic series home with Space Ghost & Dino Boy: The Complete Series.

Space Ghost follows intergalactic policeman Space Ghost who navigates the cosmos in his tricked-out spaceship The Phantom Cruiser, battling villains like Brak and Zorak with his legendary suit and powerful wristbands. I loved Space Ghost as a kid and revisiting it for the first time in all its glory for the first time in a long time I was worried that it might not hold up. Thankfully it is just as clichéd and awesome as I remembered it.

Being each episode running so short it often times feel rushed to get to the point and make some very convenient saves to everything. This just adds to the fun of it all with the silly dialogue making it even better. If you think about the time it was made it is actually pretty well done and impressive offering up some great intergalactic superhero adventure like on Space Ghost can. I know they have brought the character back a few times in different ways, but this one is still my favorite.

Dino Boy follows Dino Boy who teams with caveman Ugh and dinosaur Bronty to go primeval on the ancient menaces of their primitive home. And finally, Space Ghost flies again with more extraterrestrial adventures and thrilling takedowns. On the other side of this series much like many of the Hanna Barbara shows was this one that was polar opposite while still being fitting to pair up in a strange way. This one never really worked for me as a kid, but found it a bit more fun now.

Much like Space Ghost every story is rushed and easily resolved, but the fun with the dinosaurs and crazed villains makes it stand out on its own. The animation is good here as well for the time but the show itself is definitely the weaker of the two.

This release includes all 20 episodes of the series as well as a featurette that fans will no doubt enjoy. If you love these old cartoons or just the characters themselves then this is a must have collection. Grab your copy of Space Ghost & Dino Boy: The Complete Series when it hits Blu-ray on October 13th from Warner Bros Archive Collection.

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