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         Star Wars: Rebels

The Complete Season Four                 review by Bobby Blakey


Star Wars: Rebels has grown through its first three seasons into something so great that brought together both the new elements that they offered up in this series and infused it with the canon of both the films and previous animated series Clone Wars. Fans were sad to hear that the fourth season was going to be its last, but the anticipation to where it was all heading and what was going to happen to this rag tag group was highly anticipated when the series finally hit the airwaves. Now you can revisit this epic final season or experience for the first time with Star Wars: Rebels Season Four coming home.

This season features some of the most critically-acclaimed Star Wars storytelling to date, with compelling characters, harrowing conflicts and astounding space battles. Old friends are reunited and new alliances are forged as it all builds to an epic conclusion, drawing connections to the entire Star Wars saga. Much like the previous season this final season took it to the next level and really stepped things up. They not only evolved the story to the next level, but the characters as well having them all come full circle to the people fans have kind of assumed they were going to be.

I would have never thought that an animated series could pack so much emotion into it especially in such a short amount of time. As a fan of Star Wars we all know where things are headed for most of these characters, but seeing where it went and how they executed it is insanely brilliant. Character thought lost or ones that haven’t been heard from in this season come in to remind everyone where things have been and offer up moments that are both heart wrenching and uplifting moments. There are some beautiful visuals this season that end in tragedy, but are so visually impactful you cannot help but be moved all around. I am sad that this series ended, but it was a perfect cap to one of the strongest aspects of the Star Wars Universe and leaves it open for hopefully more to come in some form in the future.

This release includes all 15 episodes from its final season along with bonus content including commentaries and featurettes that take fans deeper behind the scenes of bringing this season to life. Join the crew of the Ghost for their last epic season of Star Wars: Rebels – The Complete Fourth Season available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Lucasfilm.

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