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Swamp Thing 4K      review by Bobby Blakey

Recently MVD released the 1989 Return of Swamp Thing on 4K and now they are bringing the one that started it all, the 1982 Wes Craven original aptly titled Swamp Thing. The film stars Ray Wise, Adrienne Barbeau, Louis Jourdan, and Dick Durock as Swamp Thing. Could this horror comic classic still bring the famed DC character to life or will it sing deep into the depths of the Everglades?


Swamp Thing follows brilliant scientist Dr. Alec Holland and a sexy government agent, Alice Cable who have developed a secret formula that could end world hunger and change civilization forever. Little do they know, however, that their arch nemesis, Arcane is plotting to steal the serum for his own selfish schemes. Looting the lab and kidnapping Cable, Arcane douses Holland with the chemicals and leaves him for dead in the swamp. Mutated by his own formula, Holland becomes 'Swamp Thing' - a half human/half plant superhero who will stop at nothing to rescue the beautiful Cable and defeat the evil Arcane... even if it costs him his life.


There is no denying that this film is pretty cheesy, but I still love it. Seeing it the first time I knew nothing of the Swamp Thing, but revisiting it now it is a pretty great version of the character. I loved the look of him and while you notice more of the rubber suit aspect of it, it still delivers that iconic look. The story is pretty simple and does limp along initially trying to set up the origin, but once it gets to the meat it gets pretty fun to watch.


The film screams the 80s in every way possible and makes it all the more fun to watch. There is a clear attempt from Craven to create something leaning

into the monster element and it works, but time has just added to some elements being sillier than they might have seemed back then such as some of the other creatures. Even with that I still love this film and have fond memories of watching it and freaking out by the weirdness of it all as a kid and this new 4K transfer brings it all right back up and into your face.


This is a film that I am sure is split with people’s love hate relationship and know even the late Wes Craven wasn’t a big fan of the finished product, but I for one still love it and glad we got this new release of it. In addition to the film, this release offers up bonus content including trailer, commentary, photo gallery, numerous featurettes, mini-poster and both theatrical and unrated versions of the film.


Grab your copy of the Swamp Thing Collector’s Editon 4K available now from MVD.  

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