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15th Anniversary Edition

                          review by Bobby Blakey

I make no secret that I have been a fan of Colin Farrell since he burst on the scene. In 2003 he joined a great cast including Samuel L. Jackson, Michelle Rodriguez, LL Cool J, and Jeremy Renner for the film S.W.A.T. based on the 1975 TV series of the same name. With the all new TV series of the same name debuting on TV what better time to re-release this film on Blu-ray with its 15th Anniversary Edition.

S.W.A.T. follows two wisecracking, battle-hardened veterans team up with a pair of street-smart rookies to form the most freewheeling, but effective S.W.A.T. team ever. Their first assignment: transport an international drug kingpin into federal custody - after he's offered $100 million to anyone who will free him! Most films based on old TV shows don’t usually work, but while this one is pretty by the numbers it is still a decent enough crime action/thriller. The cast help to elevate it to more than it might been otherwise thanks to their great chemistry and unique personalities. This film came at a time when Farrell was the next big thing and he did not disappoint bringing his own swagger to the role that worked great alongside the always great Jackson.


The supporting cast all do a great job as well bringing the needed comradery along with the conflict to make the story more compelling as opposed to just the usual cops and robbers situation. Sure there is nothing overly stand out making this a top tear action flick, but there is enough star power and action to make it one that is fun to watch and work to deliver what it set out to.


This isn’t one of those films that broke down any barriers, but it holds up well and despite some over the top silliness at the ending is a decent action flick that I still enjoyed today. Gear up and grab your copy of S.W.A.T. 15th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray available now from Mill Creek Entertainment.

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