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The Barge People

        review by Bobby Blakey

The Barge People.jpg

I love the monster/slasher subgenre of horror and the more crazy the better. With horror though there are more that don’t work than do, but more often than not they all have something worth checking out. The latest looking to leave its mark is The Barge People from Deadman Apocalypse director Charlie Seeds, but does it bring that something special to help the blood flow entertain or will it fail to make it out of the water?


The Barge People follows a group of friends who set off for a relaxing weekend away on the canals of the glorious British countryside, unaware of the flesh-eating mutants lurking in the water…ready and waiting to feed. Other the great promise of some sort of mutant creature on the cover I hadn’t seen anything about this film so was excited to dive in. Initially it limps along with very little happening as we meet the cast. This is obviously important, but I have to say I just never found myself interested with any of them or their issues. Not sure if it was just me, but for whatever reason it just felt like it was dragging along.


Thankfully things kick into gear when these creatures show up and the blood begins to flow. The first few attacks are kind of cheesy and had me thinking it was going to be a pretty big letdown, but it does redeem itself somewhat. I really dug these creatures look, but was disappointed that they seem to be able to take them out pretty easily. For a group that had supposedly been killing people for a long time I would have expected them to be more formidable. Make no mistake they rip through people with little effort I just felt it kind of weakened them.


As the film progresses it gets better and better complete with a not so surprising twist. I love that there was very little explanation and instead just let it be what it is. There were obviously some issues here, but as a whole it delivered the fun I had hoped for. I love the way they ended it with no real resolution which strengthens the legend and in if successful leaves the opportunity to more entries which I would love to see.  


Decide for yourself and check out The Barge People available now on Blu-ray, DVD and digital from RLJE Films.

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