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The Conjuring 2

       review by Bobby Blakey

James Wan has established himself as a master of horror with various franchise under his belt including Saw and Insidious as well as stepping up to helm the seventh chapter of the mega Fast and Furious franchise. Now he is returning to his latest series with The Conjuring 2 bringing back Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga for another case in the Warren’s famed files, but does it live up to its predecessor or will this be the one haunting that just doesn’t scare up the substance?

The Conjuring 2 follows Ed and Lorraine Warren who travel to London, England, where a single mother believes that something evil is in her home. When her youngest daughter starts showing signs of demonic possession, the Warren’s attempt to help the besieged girl, only to find themselves targeted by the malicious spirits. Wan has once again proven that he is a master of the horror genre with this latest outing. He takes what could be a generic played out genre and continues to find something new to do with it. His use of camera angles and tension makes for a movie that you are not only intrigued and creep out by, but also one that constantly feels classic as well as fresh and new. Wilson and Farmiga step right back into the roles of the Warren’s like they live them every day. They are not the average throw away ghostbusting team, but instead a loving couple struggling with their own internal issues as well as trying to continue to fight the demons that plague others. This story once again has some great moments with them that showcases their love for each other that plays heavily in their decision making f what they will do and how far they will go.

Obviously no one is just going to see this film for the love story, they want the scares and while this entry doesn’t go too far into the realm of terror it does offer up plenty of jump moments and brilliant visuals. The connection to the opening segment that involves the famed Amitiville haunting and the latter part of the film might feel like too contrived or coincidental to some, but if you really pay attention they have nothing to do with each other and instead serve as premonitions of things to come. This was a great way to blend these two similar high profile cases in a way that makes sense to the world the Warren’s work in. Wan has a unique vision to his demons that he uses and this film is no exception. There are a few different variations and all are creepy and effective, but the main one in the mix is by far the most memorable and best. His shot choices are as amazing as always including one that involves a painting and the actual demonic character that does wonders to build tension and style like only he can.

This is one of those franchises that works perfectly thanks to the Warren’s wide range of case files they can keep making them without needing to attach to the previous film. Sure you can peek some glances of things that will remind you of the events of the first film thanks their famed room of possessed items, but beyond that you can step into this film with very little to no information and still enjoy what they do. It does help to know more about the Warren’s so make sure to do yourself a favor if you haven’t already and check out both of the films in The Conjuring series as they both deliver to perfection.

In addition to the film this release also includes deleted scenes, and numerous featurettes taking you further behind the terror. Step back into the supernatural world of the Warren’s when The Conjuring 2 available now on digital HD as well as Blu-ray and DVD on September 13th from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

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