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The Female Brain       review by Bobby Blakey

I first discovered Whitney Cummings on the Howard Stern show and have been a big fan ever since. I was a huge fan of her TV series Whitney as well as her brief talk show Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings. I had no idea that she was stepping behind the camera to direct the feature film The Female Brain, which she also co-wrote, but you know I had to see it as soon as I knew of her involvement. The film stars Cummings along with Cecily Strong, Blake Griffin, Deon Cole, Sofia Vergara, Lucy Punch, James Marsden, and Toby Kebbell, but does it offer up the laughs or will it fail the test?

The Female Brain follows no-nonsense neuroscientist Julia, whose research into the biochemistry of the female brain is illustrated by three couples: newlyweds Zoe and Greg, whose career troubles seep into their relationship; Lisa and Steven, who are looking to spice up their stuck-in-a-rut marriage; and Lexi who can’t help trying to change her boyfriend Adam. Meanwhile, the straight-laced Julia’s own synapses start to fire when a handsome new subject joins her study. Not only had I never heard of this film prior to watching it I made sure to avoid the trailer as well. On the surface the film is a pretty straight forward romantic comedy of sorts, but there is so much more here.

Cummings has crafted a great story that allows the stories of these people to offer up a little bit of everything for people to relate to. I expected some laughs with this cast and Cummings involvement, but not the direction some of the jokes went. I laughed out loud numerous times and even though there were moments you see coming from a mile away they still hit the mark perfectly. The film isn’t breaking down the walls of comedy or the romance genre, but instead taking the formula and mixing it up to try and make something all its own and it works.

Cummings has once again proven that she is more than a comedian, she is pure talent. She is always funny, but able to carry the dramatic in her own style and now showcased she can direct the hell out of a film. I cannot wait to see what she is going to do next and hope that she continues to direct along with everyone else, because the world is a better place with her comedy in it.

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