The Flash:
The Complete Seventh Season 
                                  review by Bobby Blakey

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I had never been a big fan of The Flash comics, but was instantly a fan when the series originally debuted in 2014. Since its debut it has grown into something much bigger than just the Flash himself sharing the screen with not only its own band of heroes, but through the CW’s DC TV Universe often crossing over with Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. With Arrow now over the Flash takes over as the longest running flagship show and now the latest season is coming home with The Flash: The Complete Seventh Season.

The Flash follows Central City forensic investigator Barry Allen who as a result of a scientific experiment gone awry is now the fastest man alive The Flash. With the help of the S.T.A.R Labs team, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon and Dr. Harrison Wells, Barry protects the people of Central City from these powerful new threats. After last season’s cliffhanger which saw the brilliant and powerful Eva McCulloch victorious and still-at-large in Central City, Barry Allen/The Flash must regroup in order to stop her and bring back his missing wife. With help from the rest of Team Flash, Barry will ultimately defeat Mirror Monarch and reunite with Iris West-Allen. But in doing so, he’ll unleash two more devastating threats: one that could tear his marriage apart… and another that will lay siege to Central City and change the future forever.


While I still very much enjoy the series I must say this might have been the weakest yet. I wasn’t a big fan of the mirror master story arc despite some cool uses of the mirror powers. Due the previous season ending early with the pandemic it kicked this season off finishing up that story and then headed into its own new path. Sadly it didn’t pick up all that much with it either. Sure there are some great moments and cool use of the varying abilities on the series, but the stories were a bit weak.


The show continues to be more of an ensemble super team that gives everyone

here their own story arcs. The same can be said for the villains but the weaker villains tend to bring things down a bit. They didn’t get into the big  crossover this time around with the shortened season which is probably for the best as they have crammed so many characters into this series it gets a bit convoluted sometimes. IT feels like a lot of the stories are just getting rehashed and no longer evolving the characters as much any longer. They also had some of the original cast leave which made for some decent story elements, but also means they are replacing them with new people.


This season also finally introduces Impulse to the mix and while the costume is spot on not a big fan of the casting. The young man playing him just played it too silly and goofy for me. I love his energy and trying to capture the vibe of that character, but came off more annoying than fun. I still enjoy the show, but this was the weakest of the series to date for me. I am hoping it finds its footing once again for next season to get back track to what it once was.


This collection not only features all 18 episodes from the seventh season in high-definition, as well as a digital copy of the season (available in the U.S.). In addition to the episodes this collection offers up bonus content including deleted scenes, gag reel, 2020 DC FanDome panel and featurettes taking fans behind bringing this show to life. Hit the ground running and grab your copy of The Flash the Complete Seventh Season when it hits Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD on October 12th from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.