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The Princess
 review by Bobby Blakey

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Joey King has been blazing trailer through Hollywood with all sorts of genres taking on roles in The Conjuring, The Act and the mega hit Netflix films series The Kissing Booth. Now she is teaming up with Furie director Le-Van Kiet for the film The Princess co-starring Dominic Cooper, Olga Kurylenko, and Veronica Ngo. Could this film bring the fun action the trailer promises or will it fail to find its place in history?


The Princess follows a beautiful, strong-willed princess who refuses to wed the cruel sociopath to whom she is betrothed, and is kidnapped and locked in a remote tower of her father’s castle. With her scorned, vindictive suitor intent on taking her father’s throne, the princess must protect her family and save the kingdom.


Let me just say that this is one of those movies that isn’t all that good, but also not all that bad. It is a fun cheese filled action flick that works more than it doesn’t because it knows exactly what kind of film it is. It fully embraces the cheese while trying to create a great action flick and I think it works. Sure it is over the top at times and even silly, but I was there for it.


Joey King is obviously not known as an action star, but after this and whatever she is bringing to the upcoming action film Bullet Train she might have more chances to shine. Not every fight moment is perfectly executed, but more often than not she really does a great job. She brings the strong female character to the forefront without taking away her ability to be believable as a princess. The flashback moments serve as just enough story to explain who she is and how she knows how to fight while letting the rest of the film to focus on the full on action spectacle.


I was on the fence on really caring about watching this at all, but I am glad I did. King does a good job carrying the film and action and it does a fun job at meshing the world of medieval times and martial arts. This film isn’t bringing anything you haven’t seen to the either of those genres, but it is still some cheesy fun that I think most will enjoy.


Check out The Princess exclusively now on Hulu from 20th Century Studios.

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