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The Punisher         4K Ultra 

  review by Bobby Blakey


Before Marvel’s famed vigilante was wreaking vengeance on Netflix there had been a few other live action versions that brought the character to life. In 2004 Thomas Jane stepped into the role taking on John Travolta in the villain role to mixed reviews. Now you can revisit the action flick with The Punisher on $k Ultra for the first time.

The Punisher follows FBI agent Frank Castle who vows vengeance after his family is killed and becomes "The Punisher" in this thrilling adaptation of the Marvel comic. In addition to Jane and Travolta the film stars Will Patton, Roy Scheider, Laura Herring, Ben Foster, and Rebecca Romijn. While I enjoyed the follow up to this film despite the replacement of Jane in War Zone and the Netflix series I have to admit I really prefer this film to those. Thomas Jane is a great Punisher and while this entry didn’t get to the full no holds barred violence that fans wanted from the character to late in the film it served as a great starting point that I wish we had gotten more of.

Jane clearly loved the character and even went off and did what I believe was an unofficial Punisher short film that is pretty awesome and more what fans had hoped for. They fully captured the essence of the character and his early outings in a way that really made you want more. Travolta is fine in the role, but might be the only big issue. He isn’t bad but also never overly menacing hence never really gives Frank a real enemy to take on. There are some fun action sequences throughout including my personal favorite torture sequence using a popsicle. Outside of the real like of villain my only real issue with this version was that we never really got the full aggressive vengeance Frank we see in the comics. It was clearly trying to set up a direction, but sadly it was never to be with Jane in the lead.

This new release not only features the film in stunning 4K but also bonus content including a music video, commentary, deleted scenes and numerous featurettes taking you behind bringing the vigilante from the page to the screen. Join the Frank Castle’s fight to wipe out crime and grab your copy of The Punisher available now on 4K Ultra along with The Punisher: War Zone on 4K from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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