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Thunder Force

    review by Bobby Blakey


Melissa McCarthy has established herself being able to adapt to all kinds of genres now. From comedy genius in Bridesmaids to gangster in The Kitchen and controversial writer in Can You Ever Forgive Me? Now she is teaming up with her real life husband and frequent collaborator Ben Falcone to hit he superhero genre for their latest film Thunder Force co-starring Octavia Spencer, Melissa Leo, Jason Bateman, Taylor Mosby, Bobby Cannavale and Pom Klementieff . Could this offer up the laughs and superhero fun it promises or will it not be powerful enough to save itself?

Thunder Force follows a world where supervillains are commonplace and two estranged childhood best friends reunite after one devises a treatment that gives them powers to protect their city. I had high hopes for this one expecting plenty of laughs and over the top superhero fun and I was not disappointed. This is everything I had hoped for complete with more strangeness than I could have expected.


McCarthy is bringing her usual antics which I love, but if you aren’t a fan then this will likely wear thin for you quick. For me she has mastered playing this sort of character only elevating it by now infusing it with superpowers. Octavia Spencer jumps in as the straight character of the duo, but still has plenty of laughs and action of her own. They have great chemistry as friends in the film which is the heart of the story.


They go all in with the comic book weirdness bringing in all sorts of supervillain characters including one featuring crab appendages that is all kinds of hilarious and bizarre. Bateman reteams with McCarthy once again here and offers up some of my favorite moments that were completely unexpected in this kind of role for so many reasons. A lot of the film plays up montages of their training to use their powers after the set-up which is a lot of silly fun before diving right into the full on superhero action chaos.


The film fully embraces its comic book theme and gives you everything you

want in a superhero film alongside laughs and heart. Sure the film is predictable and over the top silly, but it is exactly what I thought it was going to be. It was fun seeing two strong women being superheroes that look just like average people and act like it too. I had a ton of fun with this film and kind of hope it does well enough for Netflix to warrant more adventures for Thunder Force.


Check out Thunder Force streaming exclusively not on Netflix.

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