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The Tiger Hunter

         review by Bobby Blakey

While Shout Factory has become known for their insanely awesome library of classic films and TV shows that get released through their varying brands, they have stepped into the world more recently with new and original films. Their latest The Tiger Hunter features a great cast including Danny Pudi, Karen David, Jon Heder, Rizwan Manji, Sam Page, Iqbal Theba, Parvesh Cheena with Michael McMillian and Kevin Pollak, but does it offer up that something special to help it standout or should it never had made the journey?

The Tiger Hunter follows the story of Sami Malik, a young Indian who travels to America to become an engineer in order to impress his childhood crush and live up to the legacy of his father—a legendary tiger hunter back home. When Sami's job falls through, he takes a low-end job and joins with a gang of oddball friends in hopes of convincing his childhood sweetheart that he's far more successful than he truly is…or perhaps ever could be. I knew nothing about this film going in other than knowing Danny Pudi was in the lead which was enough for me to give it a shot. I have been a fan of his since Community and once again here he does not disappoint. This role was tailor made for him allowing him to be funny, but also show a more dramatic side at times and showcase his ability to carry a movie. The rest of the cast are all great especially the variety of Indian actors in the cast who all bring their own something funny and special to their characters.

The story here is way deeper than you might expect which was a nice surprise. Its not bringing anything to the table that we haven’t seen on some level before, but the cultural differences and time period help it stand out as fresh and new. There is just so much to love and enjoy about this comedy that never fully makes fun of itself, but instead the situations that they are in as well as brings just enough heart to it all to keep the viewer fully satisfied with its journey. Check out The Tiger Hunter available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Shout Factory.


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