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         Paramount Presents: Trading Places

                                 review by Bobby Blakey


Paramount has a long history with some iconic films in their vast library. Now they are digging into that library and offering up a new selection of releases in their Paramount Presents collection. The latest getting the treatment is the  1983 John Landis directed comedy Trading Places starring  Eddie Murphy,  Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche. Can this classic still deliver the laughs or did they waste time trading places? 

Trading Places follows a small-time con artist who switches roles with a big-time stock market maven as part of an idle bet between two mega-rich brothers, but when the truth comes out, the consequences are pure comedy gold. Despite the obvious dated look to the clothes and styles everything about this movie still works. This is a hilarious movie that offers up some great laugh out loud moments along with a fun story that sticks it to the man. Even today elements of the film are relevant and probably would resonate just as much outside of the comedy of it all. Murphy is at his prime here and showcases why he became a mega star.


Dan Aykroyd is another iconic comedic star that I never felt he got his full credit and leading mean status outside of films like Doctor Detroit. (which I love) He much like his usual films he shares the spotlight with Murphy and they work great together, but it’s the scenes between him and Curtis that work the best for me. They have great chemistry together and she shines on screen throughout. Revisiting these classics not only make me smile and relive the first time I saw, but also what real comedy looks like with these iconic stars.


This new release not only features the classic comedy, but also bonus content including commentary, trivia pop-ups, deleted scene, featurettes,  a new Filmmaker Focus feature and more that takes you behind bringing this comedy to life. Grab your copy of the Paramount Presents: Trading Places when it hits Blu-ray on December 1st from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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