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Undercover: Punch & Gun                 review by Bobby Blakey


Well Go USA continues to bring the best of martial arts films to the masses and thankfully shows no signs of slowing down. Their latest Undercover Punch & Gun features Chasing the Dragon and Enter the Fat dragon star Philip Ng as well as Van Ness Wu and Andy On. Will this bring the action the title implies or will it fail to make the deal?


Undercover Punch & Gun follows an elite cop who is working undercover to infiltrate a notorious drug ring, but his plan is compromised when a rival agency with a grudge attacks during a trade, killing the gang’s leader. Their cover blown, both teams are forced to unite and take to the high seas in an attempt to overthrow the ruthless smuggler behind it all.


I love all things martial arts, but still tend to keep my expectations low since more often than not they miss the mark. This latest film kicks into high gear right out of the gate and lets you know that it is hoping to bring the pain. While it does bring on plenty of action and is a ton of fun it is still pretty hit and miss.


The overall tone reminded me of old school Jackie Chan flicks, using some over the top scenarios, interesting weapons or gadgets and of course the fighting sometimes infused with humor. The story is simple enough bringing the usual good guy bad guy scenario that looks to offer some twists, but nothing that really stands out. Instead it really just serves up the catalyst to set up the next action sequence.


The action is a plenty and for the most part works great. There is plenty of wire work along with the straight up fighting styles that fans love. There are some fights that aren’t near as impressive as others, but that is par for the course in these movies sometimes. It works more than it doesn’t and it keeps you engaged and having a blast. Even the end credits in the film features some behind the scenes and bloopers keeping that tone intact.


Grab your copy of Undercover: Punch & Gun available now on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD from Well GO USA.

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