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Warner Bros Animation debuts trailer for Urkel Saves Santa: The Movie!

Throughout the years there are a select few characters from TV that have truly become iconic and unforgettable. Love him or hate him, Steve Urkel, played by Jaleel White on Family Matters is one of them. That character went from being a one off to so popular he not only became a regular character but spawned a catch phrase and became an icon of pop culture for years. Now he is back in the all-new animated film Urkel Saves Santa: The Movie! featuring the return of Jaleel White to voice the role along and co-starring Nicole Byer, Roy Wood Jr., and Kym Whitley.


Urkel Saves Santa: The Movie! Follows brilliant but accident-prone super genius Steve Urkel who has only one mission: to make the holidays the best they can be for everyone! However, things are off to a not so merry start after he ruins a celebration at his local shopping mall and humiliates the department store Santa. Hoping to make things right, Steve invents a device that helps people spread holiday cheer but it only manages to make things worse. Using his big brain and even bigger heart, it’s up to Steve to help the city rediscover the holiday spirit.


While you will have to wait until November 21st to see the film on digital, you can check out the trailer and poster here now from Warner Bros Animation.

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