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 Wolf Pack
review by Bobby Blakey

Max Zhang has been kicking butt for years in films like Ip Man 3, Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy, Kill Zone 2 and Pacific Rim: Uprising. Now he is teaming up with first time writer/director Michael Chiang for the film Wolf Pack starring Aarif Lee, Jiang Luxia, Liu Ye, Zhang Yi, and Gianluca Zoppa. Could this film bring more of the action fans have come to love or will it fail to successfully complete its mission?

Wolf Pack follows a tactically trained physician infiltrates a mercenary group and soon uncovers a dangerous international conspiracy that could threaten the lives of millions of civilians while seeking answers about his father’s suspicious death.

I didn’t know much about this one going in outside of Zhang’s involvement, so I was ready. The film ended up bringing some good action related to the gun play, but sadly not near as much martial arts action as I had hoped. This isn’t a bash on the film as it isn’t billed as that, but with Zhang here I was just hoping for more of what he has done before. As a stand-alone action film, it still works although it does get bogged down at times with some pacing issues.

The story is fine but tends to rush through elements and make moments feel rushed just for the sake of doing so. There felt like an initial direction was happening and then various characters just seemed to be ok with everything and went right along with it despite the previous issues they had. I understand how they explained it away in terms of making it work, it just didn’t feel fleshed out enough for me to fully buy into it.

Thankfully more often than not it found itself back on track to keep it moving in a way that worked. This all leads to some great action sprinkled throughout, but really amps up its game in the final act. All the action is well executed and offers up some fun gun play that will keep fans of the genre entertained. It may not stand out as something bringing anything to new to the genre, it still brings a fury of bullets, and will no doubt entertain fans that love a good action flick.

Decide for yourself and check out Wolf Pack available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Well Go USA.   

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